“Tumaini in Kiswahili means hope. The Tumaini Children’s Drop In Center is dedicated to empowering and serving street children in “Eldoret, Kenya.

A Community Without Street Children


The Tumaini Children’s Drop-in Center seeks to improve the lives of street children and youths in Eldoret, Kenya by empowering them with hope, knowledge, skills, opportunities and resources necessary for them to find their healthy alternative to street life.   These future paths vary widely and may include returning to school, learning vocational skills, gaining employment, starting a business, reuniting with their families, living in a children’s home, living communally or even living independently. The Tumaini Children’s Center will support and empower them towards their chosen future.


Our Objectives


Conduct outreach to street children and youths on the streets, barracks and estates surrounding Eldoret


  • Reach out to street children and youths in their own environment in order to build rapport and trust.
  • Conduct surveillance and tracking on street children and youths in Eldoret
  • Communicate with street children and youths and engage them in the Tumaini Project



Operate and maintain a daily drop-in center for street children and youths in Eldoret


  • Provide a safe, positive off-the-street environment where children can rest, wash, play and learn as an alternative to the dangerous and risky street environment upon which they depend for survival
  • Provide daily breakfast and lunch
  • Serve as the central site where street children and youths can access medical, educational and social services


Operate and maintain a Transition Rehabilitation Center for street children in Eldoret


  • Provide a safe, positive off-the-street environment completely isolated from the street for children less than 16 years of age
  • Serve as a center where children are provided with shelter, food, education and health services, and rehabilitation from drugs or abuse without having to return nightly to many of the dangerous consequences of street life such as glue use, unsafe sexual practices and physical or sexual abuse
  • Effectively rehabilitate children from glue addiction and other anti-social behaviors before reintegrating them back to their families.
  • Provide intensive education programs to prepare children for returning to the mainstream school system.


Provide street children and youths with health care and integrate them into a system of care


    • Provide basic primary health care to street children and youths
    • Deliver targeted health interventions including de-worming, vitamin supplementation, condoms, sanitary napkins, and hygiene.
    • Conduct routine HIV testing, counseling and referrals
    • Provide health education
    • Provide referrals and integrate children and youths into the existing health care system


Provide street children and youths with “healthy alternatives” to street life, as well as individual and group counseling


    • Recreation
    • Education
    • Life skills building
    • Vocational and Business Training
    • Community Service
    • Arts and Expression
    • Counseling and Support Groups

Develop and maintain a comprehensive case management system for street children and youths in Eldoret


    • Account for street children and youths through the outreach surveillance and tracking system, attendance and participation logs, and follow-up care
    • Establish robust community partnerships and referral networks with schools, vocational trainers, employers, businesses, community agencies and other relevant service providers
    • Communicate with and involve families of street children and youths in their participation in the Tumaini Project
    • Ensure Tumaini Project staff capacity to individually manage street children and youths on a case by case basis and connect them with families and community stakeholders