We support children and youth to reach their full potential.

A child’s difficulty with academic and social tasks stems from emotional struggles and words of encouragement are simply not enough. We examine some of the aspects of early emotional development that support these struggles and train them accordingly.


Our Area Of Focus


We have developed learning pathways through an innovative, problem-based curriculum that teach them vocational skills and professional competencies, and transfer this into social enterprises. We have established an engineering fabrication workshop in the center and are currently fabricating innovative welding products like farm machines, doors, gates etc for sale to the local community. We have partnered with a local solar company to provide solar energy solutions to farms and local businesses. Currently, we are working with them to fabricate solar fish coolers for fishing communities in Lake Turkana. 

A Transition Rehabilitation Center

Serve as a center where street youth are provided with shelter, food, education, vocational training, health services, and rehabilitation from drugs or abuse.


Develop a mentorship program where community members, vocational trainers, potential employers, businesses people become mentors/role models to the youth

The Keys to a New Future for Exploited YOUTH

Provide basic literacy, numeracy, science, life skills and general knowledge to street youth and community youth.

Provide street youth with health care

Provide street youth with health care and integrate them into a system of care by providing basic primary health care to youth.

A comprehensive case management system

Account for street youth through the outreach surveillance and tracking system, attendance and participation logs, and follow-up care

Bringing Dreams within Reach

Combining Educational programs with real world applications.

How We Do It

At Tumaini Innovation Center, we are committed to building brighter tomorrows for children today. We are passionate about children and families and strive to provide the highest quality of services by planting the seeds of the following values into all that we do:

Spiritual Growth

A belief in God; promoting spiritual growth and religious connections that foster Christian morality, responsibility, a desire to serve others, and a strong work ethic

We are Family

A family living environment that emphasizes personal responsibility, positive communication, effective decision making and appropriate expression of one’s feelings


The aspiration for each child to have reconciliation with their past, zeal for the present and hope for the future

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